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Options for Men Before & Afters

Plastic Surgery Options for Men

Aesthetic plastic surgery is no longer just an option for women. A growing number of men choose to have aesthetic surgery to enhance their self esteem, to look better for their spouse or partner, and to present themselves with a more youthful and vital appearance for a competitive job market. Today, the entire spectrum of aesthetic procedures is open to men, from liposuction and body contouring surgery, to facelift, rhinoplasty, fillers and Botox. Despite the existence of a great overlap in what men and women want and seek from aesthetic surgery, there are procedures sought only by men to treat problems that uniquely affect the male physique.

Gynecomastia, or enlargement of the male breasts, afflicts a substantial number of men of all ages.  The source for the breast enlargement may be glandular breast tissue, fatty tissue or both. With breast enlargement the overlying skin may also become loose and saggy. Although the root cause of gynecomastia in many cases may remain undetermined and be of no consequence from a health standpoint, men often are emotionally and socially traumatized by the condition and avoid activities calling for exposure of their bare chests.

Men are now free to exercise the option of correcting gynecomastia and any other defect they see in their bodies and faces. The solutions, including surgical and non-surgical procedures, are always customized to the specific needs and desires of the individual patient. During your consultation you and I will discuss in detail your goals for body or facial enhancement. I will review you medical history and perform an appropriate examination of the area or the face or body that you wish to see improved. I will then make recommendations that will meet your stated goals. My office staff and I will instruct you on how to prepare for surgery and how to maximize your results during the post operative period.

As you will see in the extensive before and after photo gallery, there are many different examples of aesthetic procedures of the body and face that are available to men. I encourage you to visit the galleries and read the brief descriptions for each case. In fact, bring a copy of a case photo that you like to your office visit to use as a starting point for our consultation. I look forward to meeting you and helping you bring to reality your goals for a better face and body. A better mind and spirit are likely to follow.